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Baradaran Forklift

With over a half-century of experience, Baradaran Forklift was one of the first units in Iran to import, assemble, repair, and manufacture parts and equipment for various industrial machines, particularly forklifts, reach truck, cranes, and tractors, utilizing expert force and cutting-edge technology. To become one of the most .reputable and experienced service providers for various types of industrial machinery

Provided Services

Baradaran Forklift is a manufacturer of heavy and industrial machinery accessories, equipment, technologies, and services for the construction, mining, steel, wood, and manufacturing industries.

The primary goal of the collection is to supply and maintain heavy machinery used in various industries by utilizing modern knowledge and technology to improve performance, activity quality, and safety.

Bradaran Forklift specializes in the following machines and services:

All kinds of forklifts: both light and heavy.

All kinds of Reach Trucks and Cranes.



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